Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today we had a chinese ten course meal for lunch ... Thank you BOSS! It was at Hj Shahrin Low - Chinese Muslim Restaurant off Jalan Ampang.

The deco of the restaurant badly need a "restaurant makeover". However the food was wonderful. The price was RM688 per table and could roughly cater for 100pax at one time.
As per normal chinese course meal the food was sent out 1 at a time, so a photo to your left is exactly what we ate not in that particular order (I tried arranging them but it was just to exhausting ... sorry guys)         
My idea really was to give my review on each particular dish but alas I am  just to lazy ..... Anyway the best dish was the steam fish (manage to get the organiser to change the fish from kerapu to siakap... a more suitable dish to for this particular dish well atleast to me). I also enjoyed the chicken (truly sorry that the dish picture is some what marred, i forgot to take a picture of it when it arrived was to busy eating hehehehehe BUT I manage to do so before it was gulp down by the people in my table hahahahaha all hungry piranha)

The not so nice dish was the beef and lamb. This is some what a surprise to me because, I usually LOVE beef and lamb but maybe the way it was cook just not to my liking.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Malakoff Run KL

Hmmm... How to start ?

Event Details
1.  Date/ Day  : 19 December 2010 / Sunday

2.  Start Time  : 7.20am (I was there at 6.45, you have got to be at the starting line 30min early. Learn this the hard way, fail to start for my Standard Chart Run)

3.  Location  : Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort

4. Route  : See above map

5. Running Partner  : Suraya Farihah (a wonderful friend from my uni. years that I still keep in touch with. She finish at 1 hr 40 min and was it was her first run. Now she got the running bug already and will be joining me for the Energiser Night Race... Love ...love..... love

6. Weather  : was wonderful, not to hot or raining ... just  nice

Chronological Order of the RUN
5.15 – 6.30 am
Awake-up, got ready and went down BUT had the go back up again (nature call). Looking back I think I was nervous and to those who know me can verify that every time I am nervous, my stomach gets upset …. Nasty business

6.30 – 6.45 pm
Pick up Kak Sue and we are off to Bukit Kiara

As we arrived, we saw lots of cars parking by the roadside (on the highway). Bukit Kiara only allowed cars with stickers to part inside so what to do? We joined the crowd and pray we will not be the last remaining car later on.

Actually this turn out to be just fine, because we actually end up parking near another gate and was nearer to the starting line …..

7.00 – 7.20 pm
“Lepak-lepak”at the starting line, collected our start off band and waited.

Pooooooonnnnnn !!!!!! we are off

7.20 -8.25 pm
Start off was ok …. We were and the back of the crowd. Start off with walking and soon we reached our first hill. A very high hill, Kak Sue told me to go first and I did. At this point did not feel so bad leaving her behind because there this 1 family (a mother and 2 small kids) so I guess she does have some company.

So I ran and I walk, manage to be part of a group. Where I pick my mark / target…. Basically I pick this old uncle …. He was running macam senang ajer but slow lah the rhythm… So I said “if this uncle pass me, I am going to run” SO that is how my race went …. Every time THE UNCLE passed me I ran until I got tired and walk …… The uncle was good I don’t think he ever stop running.

Anyway so where along the race we meet up with the 12k runners which was ok for me. Nampak ramai sikit at the finishing line … hehehehehe

8.25 - 10.00pm
Anyway I finished at 8.25am waited for Kak Sue.

We went to collect our goody bags and a light breakfast was provided. At first they have this coupon system, but  later they annouced that the food was free flow. SO I had roti jala, mee mamak and tau fu faa (hey..... i ran 7k what hehehehehe)

Kak Sue
Me holding my BIB
Check out T-shirt  still wet from sweat.... this is already on our way back .....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 1 of TBL - Dada VS Angah

The update on Week 1 of our TBL (Dada VS Angah).

Current weight: 77.1 kg

My BMI state that I am in the overweight  catergory, also indicate that my ideal weight is 54kg !  By my calculation if I stick with my diet and exercise regime will be able to reached my target in September 2011. That is a long way to go......

Anyway here are some  more  motivation for me from my dearest hubby:

1) Reached 75kg - New gym shoes

2) Reached 70kg - still thinking

3) Reached 65kg - can follow Angah to UK, if she present her paper there

4) Reached 60kg - LV bag

5) Reached 55kg - diamond earrings .......

The sad part of this deal is, IF i gain back the weight I have to pay him RM100 per kg I gain..... Hopefully this will not happened.

So far it is really hard to even reached 75kg, I have reached 77kg once but gain back some the next week. A friend of mine said I ate like I lost 10kg ...hahahahaha I guess this is true.............

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Tumbler - Very Eco Friendly

 This is the tumbler I am using for to measure for this challenge. Full capacity 750ml so I consider this to be 2 1/2 glasses.

The one in the gym is slightly smaller than this one. I think the capacity is 450 to 500ml. Anyway for the gym tumbler I will consider as 1 glass since I need lots of water when I am exercising. 

Anyway,  trying to drink 8 glasses of water per day is actually really HARD to do.

Oh... almost forgot had salad for lunch at O'Brien. Only thing I have to say about me eating the salad is "Bagus sikit sahaja  dari makanan kambing" huhuhuhuuhuhu


Today is the official start date for The Biggest Loser (TBL) between Angah and Me (AKA Dada AKA Uteh). You can read more on the rules and regulation in Angah's blog (http://ehazchronicles.blogspot.com/)

She the self appointed administrator for the the game (hahahahaha).

Anyway details on me on  the start of the game:
Weight  :78.80kg
Height   :160cm
(will get more details on this tomorrow, the gym weighing scale has lots of info... maybe should buy one of those)

Thus far this is my activity:

5.00am  : Wake-up, cook breakfast (Chinese Stail Fried Mee Hoon)
6.00am  : Out from house to the gym
6.30am  : Crosstrainer 25minute
7.00am  : Various exercise weights, abds and chest (15 to 25 X 3 rep)
7.45am  : Stepper for 10min
8.30am  : At the office :-)

Plan to have salad for Lunch and Cereal for Dinner.

At they gym already had 3 glass of water. Need to do 5 more glass ...sigh .....

Will take picture of my tumbler both in the office and my gym's and post them up tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Salam  everyone .....

Just want to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and ask for forgiveness from everyone ..... :-)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My First 5k Run

My first 5k run did not went well, it did not start or finish well ( I did not even finish sob .... sob ...) I really don't know how to explain nor do I want to at this present time BUT I do want to redeem myself in my next run ...... YES already planning for the next run since I know I can do 5k even if  I only walk most of the time.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Trip to Kota Kinabalu - Sabah !

On the last week of May, we got an extra day for the Weekend due to Wesak Day. Nurman and I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for my friend's wedding.

We almost miss our flight! (normal reason - woke up late, sleept late because we pack at the wee hours of the nite, my handphone was in the hall so I didn't hear it rang when the Taxi driver call us 11 times - we ask him to pick us up at 5.30am!, AND Nurman's alarm clock was not turn on ..... SIGH !!!) Anyway we woke-up "basuh muka - gosok gigi - salin baju" (mak's fav instruction everytime we are late, translated wash face, brush teeth and change clothes) and of we go to the LCCT. Praying on every km we will reached there on time and there was a flight delay. I guess lady luck was on our side, there wasn't a flight delay but the check-in process was slow due to a group of people on tour while their agents try to sort them out we check-in .... PHEW :-)

In KK we stay in Sutera Harbour Hotel and was pleasantly suprise when they upgraded our hotel room to a suite ..... The hotel suite was nicer then my house!! Clean, beautifully decorated, have view of the ocean and fresh flowers. While we there, we manage to do some sight seeing and snorkelling. Didn't buy any pearl though..... Everyone said it was cheap there but the one I saw was not exactly cheap. But then I never bought pearls before so don't know if it is really cheap over there. Without Along guidance in bargaining I was afraid of being dupe so decided against buying anything over there.

We went to my friend's wedding, went to the wrong hotel at first!My mistake I got the name of the hotel confused and remember the name of a wrong hotel. Anyway the wedding was beautiful, it was a beach theme wedding. Got to meet my old Chermai Jaya friends. It has been a while since I last saw they all. Perpetua (the one who was getting married) was the only one I really stay in touch with.

All in all the trip was a fun but it was to short and hectic. I need to plan these trips more carefully and no more early hour flights please .......

Monday, March 8, 2010

Night Out Siblings

Health Conscious Choice ! That was the tagline of the Vietnamese restaurant me, Tina and arif (my siblings) went for dinner.

This is when Mak went back to Pontian for a cousin's daughther wedding (hmmm don't think she were missing us much with all the gossips she manage to store for us hehehe)

Anyway the steamboat we had was for 3 to 4 people. Biasalah .. had to go for more rather than the 2 to 3 people set, we were really .... really hungry. One of us even wanted order extra fried rice but I won't mention his name ....... hahaha

The soup was blah ... but then I never really like clear soup. Tina and Arif didn't complain much only that the service is slow. We didn't even get the second drinks we ordered.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last Sunday, I decided to cook Chicken Rice, and it has been a while since I cook anything. There is no fun cooking for 2 and you have to clean afterwards lazy ... lazy .... lazy

Anyway check out my chicken, it is to much for 3 people (Tina, Arif and me) I know, but cooking 1/2 a chicken will not get the same effect. Hehehe because some time that day I already decided to send the pictures of what I cook to Along (phew!!!!.... nasib it turn out right ......)

The whole spread of our dinner last Sunday . I also stir fry some vegies to accompany the Chicken Rice..... YUMMY.....

As desert, I serve chocolate cake white vanilla ice-cream topping (inspired by Nigella - The Cooking Goddest)..... I baked my own cake using one of the recipe i found in one Along's cook books.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Make-up Bag

At Along's request , I am showing off my pink make-up bag . I saw the need of the bag when Along went to Miri with ALL my supply of free make-up (so sad ... why Along ...... why ....) Anyway as you can see, top part of the bag I put my lipsticks, lip liner, eye liner and mascara.

I just bought some new lipsticks from Dior coz I love one of Along's ...... its pink + purplish colour. I also bought a Dior lipbalm (stupid !!!!!! I blame the salesgirl)

Anyway, these a re some item I put in the lower part of the bag. Just your basic everyday stuff, foundation, loose powder and eyeshadow.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Angah Found My Blog

Hmmm .... so Angah found my blog ... was hoping no one did so I do not need to actually write anything and it will all go away. So now after being discovered I have to think of something interesting to write on my blog ............... (Ssssiiiiggghhhh) Things I do for family .......
This weekend I watched Sherlock Holmes (the Guy Richie version). I like the movie, would definately recommend people to watch it and I would watch it again. Over all I gave it a 3 1/2 STAR.
So there .... Its a start ....