Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Just an update on the races I have done. To tell you the truth becoming a bit lazy and don't know if I am going to finish this thing .....  hmmmmm

Run/ Walk Name Distance
January One Utama Fun Walk 5k
February No race   
March Bareno Run 5k
April NewHam 10k Classic 10k
Energizer Night Race 5k
May Borneo International Run 10k
June Kordel Charity Walk 7k
Standard Chartered KL Run 10k
July NTV7 Feel Good Run 7k
BHP Orange Man Run 11k
Shape & Men Night Race 12k
August No race - Ramadhan  
SeptemberSiemen Run 10k
OctoberAdidas King of the Road10k
BSN Putrajaya Night Run10k
NovemberCICM Responsinle Care Run 201110k
Penang International Marathon21k
DecemberNo race schedule yet - probably Malakoff 18 December 201112k

More Races Ran in July - BHP Orange Man 11k & Shape Night Run 12k

First Race - BHP Orange Man Run
Distance - 11k
Location - D'Curve Mutiara Damansara
Running Budies - Tina Zahani (aka Fudgy Fingers)

This race was organise by BHP where Arif work so he assisted us the registering as there was no online registering available ..... (which I think is weird). The best part is the registration fees is only RM5 ...yups very cheap considering other event usually will charge RM40 - 50 per race.

Anyway, July have been a busy month for me with my trip to Redang and taking charge of my company Teambuilding trip I did not have much time to train or go to the gym.  But I figure, what the hell I have run 10k before so this should not be a problem.

So on the day I pick up Tina and we manage to just in time, Arif had to meet us at the starting line to pass us our BIB which he help collected. There was no t-shirt provide for the run ..hey RM5 where can get  t-shirt ...:-)

Anyway because of lack of preparation, the race was hard on me and knowing my Damasara roads I was thinking "man this is far" and "jauh nyer lagi.... die lah like this"   But I finish the race. For RM5 there was lots of food. Arif was in charge of the Nasi Lemak counter where we got extra nasi ... thanks Arif

First Race - Shape Men-Health Night Race
Distance - 12k
Location - Putrajaya
Running Budies - Tina Zahani, Adzman (Zcat) and Ct Roziyana (Yana)

This race was really hard ... why ? Mainly because I did not prepare anything. I have been busy at work, just came back from company Team Building as participant and organizer which is very tiresome.

Anyway I ran and finish but my timing was bad I finish  1hr 40min so the guys that did 5k had to wait 1hr for me..... sad ....

Picture .... will upload later ... I only have pictures for the Shape Run, Tina the fudgy fingers cuold not manage to take any pictures for me at for the BHP. Her fingers were to fudgy for my phone camera ... Hampeh ... hampeh .....