Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last Sunday, I decided to cook Chicken Rice, and it has been a while since I cook anything. There is no fun cooking for 2 and you have to clean afterwards lazy ... lazy .... lazy

Anyway check out my chicken, it is to much for 3 people (Tina, Arif and me) I know, but cooking 1/2 a chicken will not get the same effect. Hehehe because some time that day I already decided to send the pictures of what I cook to Along (phew!!!!.... nasib it turn out right ......)

The whole spread of our dinner last Sunday . I also stir fry some vegies to accompany the Chicken Rice..... YUMMY.....

As desert, I serve chocolate cake white vanilla ice-cream topping (inspired by Nigella - The Cooking Goddest)..... I baked my own cake using one of the recipe i found in one Along's cook books.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Make-up Bag

At Along's request , I am showing off my pink make-up bag . I saw the need of the bag when Along went to Miri with ALL my supply of free make-up (so sad ... why Along ...... why ....) Anyway as you can see, top part of the bag I put my lipsticks, lip liner, eye liner and mascara.

I just bought some new lipsticks from Dior coz I love one of Along's ...... its pink + purplish colour. I also bought a Dior lipbalm (stupid !!!!!! I blame the salesgirl)

Anyway, these a re some item I put in the lower part of the bag. Just your basic everyday stuff, foundation, loose powder and eyeshadow.