Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yeay - Found Another Run in November

Yeay ..... found another race in November 2011. This is so great I am on course. Can't wait to collect my Standard Chartered KL Marathon race kit.

  Run/ Walk Name   Distance
  January   One Utama Fun Walk   5k
  February   No race   
  March   Bareno Run   5k
  April   NewHam 10k Classic   10k
  Energizer Night Race   5k
  May   Borneo International Run   10k
  June  Kordel Charity Walk  7k
  Standard Chartered KL Run  10k
  July  NTV7 Feel Good Run  7k
  Shape & Men Night Race  10k
  August  No race - Ramadhan 
  September  No race schedule yet 
  October  Adidas King of the Road  10k
  November  CICM Responsinle Care Run  
  Penang International   
  December  No race schedule yet  

Kordell Charity Walk 2011

This walk was held on June 12, 2011 at Padang Merbuk (my first time visiting Padang Merbuk which is near Tugu Negara. Anyway basic details of the walk:

Time: 7.00pm
Support System aka Walking Buddies:
1) Tina Zahani Zainuddin
2) Kak Muzi
3) Adzman
Distance: 7km

We arrive on time, found a cool parking sport very near to the starting line .. yup it was an illegal parking spot but as long as it is not my car I am totally ok with it ..... (sorry Tina). Lepak around the starting line; took some pictures one of them with Fred Flintstone and friends.

Nothing special about the walk. All of us finished the walk, collected our goody bag and went to Park Village for breakfast; where I had Lontong Kerang...yummmyyyy

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Year Resolution Update - 1 Race Per Month

For 2011 one of my new year resolution was 1 race per month. However, in February I realise that this can't be done because I can't control the race schedules so I decided it is ok a long as I participated in 12 races this year. Therefore on average I still meet my new year resolution .... yeay me......

This is my race schedule thus far

  Run/ Walk Name
  One Utama Fun Walk
  No race
  Bareno Run
  NewHam 10k Classic
  Energizer Night Race
  Borneo International Run
  Kordel Charity Walk
  Standard Chartered KL Run
  NTV7 Feel Good Run
  Shape & Men Night Race
  No race - Ramadhan
  No race schedule yet
  Adidas King of the Road
  Penang International
  No race schedule yet

As you can see the one in red are the races I have register for. If I ran and finish all the races listed I am still short of 1 race to complete 12 races. Hoping Malakoff KL 2011 is on in December or something come up in September BUT highly unlikely as Raya falls on that month .... sigh .... despair .... so near but still uncertain

Borneo International Marathon @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Me, waiting for the race to start
This is my second 10k run and I did it in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It was the best run I had thus far. It was held on May 1, 2011.
It was a long weekend since May 1 is Labour day and it fell on Sunday so the public holiday was brought forward to Monday. I took the Friday off and had a four days on that weekend. Pack my bags and my husband and we took a flight to KK for a short getaway. 
I pick up my race kit on Saturday, everything went well no rush no long queue. The race kit consist of a running pouch, 2 packets of energy bar and a voucher for a free Starbuck frappacino grande. The running t-shirt was given only after we finish the race.

 Race Day

We woke up at 5.00am as the race start at 6.30 for the 10k runners. We reached there early and manage to see the 21k runner start their race. There was a lot of runners for the 21k a lot more then the 10k runners. That was a surprise; Do they know they have to run 21 kilometres ???!!

Anyway my race went on smoothly. Nothing special happen, saw a couple of people wearing the Energizer Night Race and the  Bareno Run t-shirts running as well. Waaa they flew all the way down from KL as well so I am not that special sob .... sob ....

Nearing the finish line
There was 2 runners wearing the Energizer Night Race (I seem obsessed on this race) T-shirt that caught my attention. It was this 2 "warga tua" one a Singh and the other is a Chinese guy running together at their "own pace". It is hard to explain, the Singh guy will be running, the Chinese guy will walk but at a certain distance he will run fast to catch-up with his friend; weird right. Sadly, their pace is faster then my pace so they lost me some where along the way. However, on the way back I saw the old Chinese guy receiving some medical attention so I didn't think he finished the race.

Hi dear .... wait I need to take
my t-shirt
Water ... air ... tired ...

Why this is the best race ?

Seriously I don't know it was just nice; there was a pre-race pasta party for all the race participants organise by the one of the hotel sponsoring the event; lots of station waters, wet cold sponge station, medic station, race marshalls and people supporting the participants. The weather was wonderfully warm and cosy for a run. Just a lot of things bunch into one.

Running in London - Newham Classic 10k Run

Angah after the race
I ran this race on April 10, 2011 before the Energizer Night Race. This was my first 10k run. Yup went all the way to London to ran this race, well actually went there to give Angah (aka the Mom) some moral support fo her paper presentation.

Me after the race
The only thing I can say about the run was ...... .. IT WAS COLD..... Even  sweating I was cold, thought I was sweating ice. Angah did not have the same problem as me, probably because Kingston is colder.

Anyway the run was fun, lots of people cheering us on. I thought of writing the pro and cons of running in KL and in London but it is just to much of an effort to think. Anyway some of the key points probably, KL I can  run all year round, KL nicer weather to run but limited time coz you don't want to run at 12 noon. But then London have more places to run and it just seem to be safer to run even in the city. Well you can't have everything :-)

Angah when we missed our stop to Oxford ........

Reading, making sure
there is train
No ... no... no I sitting next
to the door
ohhh so tired, can't miss
the stop