Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wrapping up December 2011

December 2011, how do I wrap-up the last month of the year. The PLAN was to run the Malakoff Run like last year, it was suppose to be my last run for the year and wanted it to be my yearly running closure (or something like that). Alas the plan did not workout, the event clashes with Nurman's family event. Which we had to attend and had to spend the night there (only today I found out in details why we had to be there ... still a sore point)

In a way December was still a lot of fun because:
1) Angah came back for a visit ... have to teman her and ate a lot of things which will make my trainer work harder for her money next year.

2) Accompany Angah to Shang Hai which to my  surprise was a very clean and beatiful city. I would recommend everyone to visit the place and would love to go back and finish my site seeing. The only thing that could be a little difficult is (A) the language unless you speak mandarin communicating is going to be really hard. Be prepare to use lots of sign language, sound effect and some visual aid (B) If you are a muslim the food. This is due to the language barrier because on our last day we did manage to find a Halal restaurant.

3) Visit Singapore twice, on the first visit we finalise a lease on an apartment in Pasir Ris. It is about 45min away from the town but I guess, is not a big deal. On the second visit we went shopping to furnish the house. My Along is coming over this weekend to help me put on the finishing touches, I need a miracle. The house is a rainbow this is all I am going to say.

4) In between visit to Singapore I went to Medan with extended family member had my fill of Nasi Padang over there. I am pretty sure the workers at Ruman Makan Famili can pick us out in a line-up LOL. Shop in Pajak Ikan Lama bought lace and telekung. Since it is my second time there I don't think I will be visiting the place again anytime soon.

5) This is one I what I didn't do. I did not exercise, the last time I ran was for 1hr in Shang Hai and that was it. Since I have a 12k run on Jan 8, 2012 this is not a good thing. Oh well I can always crawl to the finish line.

6) As for my running goal 2011, I manage to run 14 races this year exceeded my 12 races per year resolution and finish my first half marathon within 3:06.

So that is my December 2011. I am currently find tuning my next year running resolution. Not so sure on how to go about it. Should I go for distance or should I go to improve my timing ....