Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Multi Purpose Insurance Run 2012

Yeay I have completed my first run of the year. The races details are as follow:
1. Date : January 8, 2012
2. Location : Padang Merbuk
3. Distance : 12km
4. Running Buddy : I was all by myself (sob .... Sob... Tina had o sit for a test that day and Yana did not manage to register)

Anyway the race started at 7am and my dearest Along drop me at the location around 6.15am. The crowd was not that big. The course was a bit more hilly then expected but it was well planned. 

The runners had little contact with the traffic which was wonderful. I always hate the look drivers in the cars gave when they are stop by Race Marshall to let us pass first. You can just feel them "evil eyeing" you. 

However, there was a bit confusion at the starting line, people line-up at the wrong location, not sure if the women category start first or we are to start together, then all of the sudden Bang!!! and we are off. Yups was a bit weird at the start of the race. 

This was not one of my best run I clock in 1hr 45 min mostly due to me not running regularly for almost 2 months. I was lazy after Penang Bridge Marathon and seem satisfied to end my race year with that event hehehehehe. So it was not because me being busy with Nurman moving to Singapore or ensuring Angah had a good time when she was visiting. It was all about me being lazy.

But I am back! Full marathon here I come :-) 

PS: Did not manage to take any pictures no fun cam-whoring alone ...sob .... sob ...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Running Schedule

So far I have registered for the following races:
  • Multi Purpose Insurance Run, 12k - January  8
  • URun, 10k -  February 26
  • Brooks Half Marathon, 21k - March 11
  • Run350, 21k - April 22
Seriously don't know how many races I will participate this year hopefully I run in all the races I have register for. A plus this year, since Nurman moved to Singapore my race venue has extended to that country.

So far I have 1 race per month. I am very excited to collect my race kit tommorrow, feel like ages since my last race.