Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today we had a chinese ten course meal for lunch ... Thank you BOSS! It was at Hj Shahrin Low - Chinese Muslim Restaurant off Jalan Ampang.

The deco of the restaurant badly need a "restaurant makeover". However the food was wonderful. The price was RM688 per table and could roughly cater for 100pax at one time.
As per normal chinese course meal the food was sent out 1 at a time, so a photo to your left is exactly what we ate not in that particular order (I tried arranging them but it was just to exhausting ... sorry guys)         
My idea really was to give my review on each particular dish but alas I am  just to lazy ..... Anyway the best dish was the steam fish (manage to get the organiser to change the fish from kerapu to siakap... a more suitable dish to for this particular dish well atleast to me). I also enjoyed the chicken (truly sorry that the dish picture is some what marred, i forgot to take a picture of it when it arrived was to busy eating hehehehehe BUT I manage to do so before it was gulp down by the people in my table hahahahaha all hungry piranha)

The not so nice dish was the beef and lamb. This is some what a surprise to me because, I usually LOVE beef and lamb but maybe the way it was cook just not to my liking.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Malakoff Run KL

Hmmm... How to start ?

Event Details
1.  Date/ Day  : 19 December 2010 / Sunday

2.  Start Time  : 7.20am (I was there at 6.45, you have got to be at the starting line 30min early. Learn this the hard way, fail to start for my Standard Chart Run)

3.  Location  : Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort

4. Route  : See above map

5. Running Partner  : Suraya Farihah (a wonderful friend from my uni. years that I still keep in touch with. She finish at 1 hr 40 min and was it was her first run. Now she got the running bug already and will be joining me for the Energiser Night Race... Love ...love..... love

6. Weather  : was wonderful, not to hot or raining ... just  nice

Chronological Order of the RUN
5.15 – 6.30 am
Awake-up, got ready and went down BUT had the go back up again (nature call). Looking back I think I was nervous and to those who know me can verify that every time I am nervous, my stomach gets upset …. Nasty business

6.30 – 6.45 pm
Pick up Kak Sue and we are off to Bukit Kiara

As we arrived, we saw lots of cars parking by the roadside (on the highway). Bukit Kiara only allowed cars with stickers to part inside so what to do? We joined the crowd and pray we will not be the last remaining car later on.

Actually this turn out to be just fine, because we actually end up parking near another gate and was nearer to the starting line …..

7.00 – 7.20 pm
“Lepak-lepak”at the starting line, collected our start off band and waited.

Pooooooonnnnnn !!!!!! we are off

7.20 -8.25 pm
Start off was ok …. We were and the back of the crowd. Start off with walking and soon we reached our first hill. A very high hill, Kak Sue told me to go first and I did. At this point did not feel so bad leaving her behind because there this 1 family (a mother and 2 small kids) so I guess she does have some company.

So I ran and I walk, manage to be part of a group. Where I pick my mark / target…. Basically I pick this old uncle …. He was running macam senang ajer but slow lah the rhythm… So I said “if this uncle pass me, I am going to run” SO that is how my race went …. Every time THE UNCLE passed me I ran until I got tired and walk …… The uncle was good I don’t think he ever stop running.

Anyway so where along the race we meet up with the 12k runners which was ok for me. Nampak ramai sikit at the finishing line … hehehehehe

8.25 - 10.00pm
Anyway I finished at 8.25am waited for Kak Sue.

We went to collect our goody bags and a light breakfast was provided. At first they have this coupon system, but  later they annouced that the food was free flow. SO I had roti jala, mee mamak and tau fu faa (hey..... i ran 7k what hehehehehe)

Kak Sue
Me holding my BIB
Check out T-shirt  still wet from sweat.... this is already on our way back .....