Saturday, January 15, 2011

Charity Bicycle Event - Ride For Gaza

We did the Ride for Gaza !! Yups Nurman and Me :-) ..... It was only 17km around Putrajaya. The race started late; it was supposed to start at 9am but end up starting at 9.30am. We had to wait for some VIP to start the event and as a whole it was rather an unorganized event. The organizer have to keep requesting people to gather in front of the VIP tent because there was a speech from the VIP and some safety tips from the event Marshall but nobody was moving. People were ignoring them. Everyone just wanted to start cycling. At one time I think I can hear the annoyed / angry voice of the MC because nobody was cooperating. Anyway the event manage to gather 700++ cyclist open to all types of bicycle. A few of Malaysia cyclist also join the event (saw M Kumaresan; he is still good looking, I think he is in his mid 40 already) 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bike Ride At DUKE Highway - Keramat to Mount Kiara

Around 2 to 3 weeks ago Nurman and me bought mountain bikes as we decided it is something we can do together. So we started to ride on our bikes around our housing area. Sadly on the 2nd bike ride, Nurman suffer some back pain. It was rather bad as he received 2 days off from work (MC = medical condition) for it.    

Anyway, at my office there are a few avid mountain bike riders. They usually go riding on Tuesday evening and Saturday morning. These are the pictures on  my first ride with them. There were 6 of us.

Nurman did not joined us because it was on the same week of his MC. Anyway the guys decided to go easy on me and we just do a ride on the Duke Highway not on some off-road trail at FRIM, where I heard there is a hill called Steriod Hill !!! They say the trail is not for novice rider.

Here are some picture of me and the guys at a few and much needed stop.

We (Nurman & Me) are going to join them riding on Ride for Gaza at Putrajaya this Sunday (16 Jan 2011). It is only 17km.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Event Details

1. Date/ Day : 1 January 2011 / Saturday; Yes, this is what I did on the first dayof 2011! Lame ke ? Some would think so because obviously did not went out anywhere to celebrate the New Year, so can wake-up early to join  the walk

2. Start Time : 8.00am (The organisers requested us to be there at 7.15am, I arrived around 7.25am. Along and Kak Muzi arrived first before us (Tina and Me). Anyway, as usual waited at the starting line as instructed by the MC that day. He keep saying that we are going to start on time because of bla..... bla... bla.... yawn... bla... bla.... BUT we did not start on time. Hehehehehe some of the race marshalls decided to go for breakfast. I think the MC was a little bit embrassed but he cover lah, by saying he does not want to release us without the race marshall reasons...bla....yawn....)

3. Location : Central Park One Utama - my first love for shopping mall .... sigh..... One Utama

4. Distance : 4.5km

5. Running Partner : Nor Izzada Zainuddin aka Along, Tina Zahani Zainuddin (both are my sisters) and Muzakiah Mustapha Kamal aka Along's BFF.

Our Pictures at the starting line

Chronological of the Walk (I will just do a summary, nothing much to tell)

Started at 8.10am ish...... everyone started to walk. I walk with Kak Muzi .. we walk ... we talk while walking... pass through people who are blocking our way. Everyone was taking their sweet time, well it is a fun walk after all !
Some where along the way, I went ahead of Kak Muzi, found my mark and continue moving forward. While walking, Tina appreared next to me so we walk together..... we walk.... we talk... I told / show her my mark..... so the both of us kejar my marker. All was

find untill my mark decided to run! Hampeh betul..... it 
is a walk lah dei..... So I started walking faster, if the mark is out of sight, I run a bit untill I saw him again. Lost Tina some where along the way.
Got to the finish line .... woooo hoooo !!!! Not long afterwards Tina joined me .... And then Kak Muzi and Along .....Everybody finish.
A good start for the new year....
Tina after finishing the race
Along and Kak Muzi arriving at the finish line !!!

AFTER THE RACE.... breakfast at PapaRich, One Utama.... Hahahahaha