Monday, October 5, 2020

Sweeping sound .... sweeping sound

Excuse me just sweeping the cobweb and dusts from this blog.... Last update 2013 OMG. Looking at the list yes I climb Mount Kinabalu... no marathons no running to Italy.

2020 was full of promises but Covid-19 change the world. New norm! new norm! I love my old norm oh well ....... 

I would like to start running again. Thus will be updating my progress here 

Today 5km walk around KLCC park .

Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 - Things I Want to Get Done

Well let start this by reviewing 2012. My running resolution last year was simple:

1) To finish a marathon - Completed 

2) To do 3 half marathon - I manage only 2 

I ran 12 races less races this year mostly because I was juggling a weird schedule between Malaysia and Singapore. I enter a race in Singapore but was in Malaysia and vice versa. 

Anyway, for 2013 I will be stationed fully in Singapore so I hope to be able to  do more races. The only thing that concerns me is that I am currently have not been running for 2 months. Lots of excuses, I guess I just need to start! 

For 2013, what do I want to do ? I have been thinking really hard and sometimes wonder if I can get it all done in 2013. 

Well this is it:

1) To finish a marathon in 6hrs - it will be the Penang Bridge International Marathon again but this time it will be at a new bridge. Thought it will be nice to be among the 1st to do a marathon at the new bridge. 

2) To finish my 10k in 1hr - my best time is 1:10, I know I can do this if only I push myself more because I notice that  I am just to lazy and don't actually push myself to run faster. So this year I am focus on my time! I will get better :-) 

3) To climb Mt Kinabalu - just feel as a Malaysian it is ashamed if I don't do this. It is there so why not?

4) To tour Italy - planning with Nurman to go to Italy earlier and visit Rome and meet-up with Angah and Family in Milan later in the week. 

This is it..... I need to plan for this ... SO 2013 HERE I COME !

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 Singapore

Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 Singapore
Race Date: 2 December 2012
Distance: 10k
Running Buddies: None – L have yet to find any running buddies in Singapore 

My race day start at 5.00am in the morning, I have been reading a lot about the huge crowd that showed up for marathon in 2011 so I decided to take the MRT instead of a taxi. I have more confidence in taking the MRT as I have been in Singapore for a few months now and I am familiar with the race event location as my last race in Singapore was held at the same place.

Around 5.30am I took the bus from my place to Pasir Ris MRT Station. In the bus I was so glad there are a few runners as well, so happy that I was not alone. Along the way in the MRT there are more runners and there are also other people young and old. At 6.00ish am I spent my time in the MRT wondering where they want to go so early in the morning. If I was not running I will be sound asleep in my bed.

Really look like I am running :-)
Anyway I reached my destination, I was no longer afraid of being alone at the event, as the crowd was huge. The 10k runner will be set out in waves 10 minute apart if I am not mistaken. I want to be in 1st wave because I do not want to run in the hot sun if I started late and the earlier you start the earlier you finish and can have that well deserve Nasi Lemak Rendang Daging for breakfast …… hmmm yummmmyyyy…. J

Anyway the run start at the exact time and I finish at 1:16hrs. Not my best time I really need to learn to push myself more. I know I can, because in the gym my speed would be set at 9 and I can run at that speed for an hour but I guess I am just lazy; lazy to - try lazy to push myself …. lazy … lazy … lazy

I want to say, this run is 1 of the most well organized race from the start to finish (hey the name of my blog). The volunteers were great! The organizers really thought of everything at the event; sufficient signage’s, sufficient water stations, sufficient cheering crowd and along the way I even got a Santa headband (currently proudly being display at my cubicle in the office)  

My only complaint is the long queue for collecting the race kit. It was really a looonnngggggggggggg queue and I am not exaggerating. The participants were 53000 and I know the organizers thought of it and set up a lot of booth for the collection but the queue was still a nightmare. I would like to suggest that they set the collection in waves as well, for example from this date to this date the collection are only for full and halfs marathon, tomorrow for 10ks OR set up the multiple locations for the collection let the runners decide on the location they prefer to collect their race kit OR next time I just a pay extra to get the race kit deliver to my house …. Problem solve J ….

Really KUDOS to the organizers !!!!

Alliance Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012

Race Name: Penang Bridge Marathon 2012
Date: 18 November 2012
Distance: 42k aka Full Marathon
Running Buddies:
  1. Yana – Register for 10k, came but did not run because of food poisoning that night
  2. Lat – not new to the running scene but first time running with us, she did the 10k but later regret; wishing she done the half instead
Chapter 1 – The new job  
I started on my new job on November 14, 2012, yes 4 days away from the day of the event. This is due to my brilliant and understanding husband agreeing on my behalf on my starting day. Anyway that is all water under the bridge now, and it turns out ok as I did not have time to freak out and go on last minute training frenzy. The sad thing was I did not get to be in KL 1 week early and my entire plan for the super delicious very much needed carbo-loading did not happen… Oh well…. Sigh….

Chapter 2 – The hotel reservation
Lesson learnt from last year, we selected and booked our accommodation way ahead of time. We check and double check on the dates so that there will be no problem this year. Anyway on Friday (November 16, 2012) I decided to call the contact person for the accommodation, we decided to book an apartment since at that time there will be 6 of us, hence an apartment is cheaper and more comfortable. The location of the apartment is also a plus as it is within the walking distance from the event.

Talking to the person in charge, I quickly got upset and annoyed. The apartment is under renovation!!!! According to him the website where I did my booking from knew about this. Thank you very much AGODA.COM. Anyway I call and have a nice chat with them; they need confirmation with the person in charge. (Yes, Agoda I am lying to you about my booking not being available and my flight is tonight duhhhh!!!) They did their confirmation, stated they will refund my money, sorry for the trouble and I can get 10% discount on my next booking. (Really 10% oh! how nice yes I will surely book via your website again NOT EVER !!!!!)

I send SOS to all concerning parties (running buddies; at this point there was only 4 of us left) and ask them to look for a hotel room for all of us. We were lucky to get a room in Equatorial Penang but of course the price so superbly cutthroat. What can we do, we need a room. On the plus side, the hotel room was nice, huge and the view was beautiful.

Chapter 3 – The race
I woke-up super early, can’t really sleep too excited about the race. Can anyone blame me I waited 1 year for the race …..waited ok not trained ok :-P …. Got there in time, no traffic because I was early and got to see the opening ceremony. Seriously you guys there was lion dance and Gang-nam style performance at 2am.

The race started on time and there I go…. Yeay me…

The plan was to following the 6.00hrs pacers; let me tell you now, IT DID NOT WORK. I was doing well on the bridge going and returning back but the stretch on the highway was killing me. My pace was getting slower and slower and alternating between walking and running became permanently walking.  I hit my wall at the in front of Tesco a few kilometers ahead where the 21k runners did their U-turn. I was really tempted to turn I did not know where I got it from but the race route that was in my head keep saying that the U-turn for the full marathon was in front of the Tesco building but it was not !!!!! Disappointed when the U-turn is still a long way to go I just don’t want to run anymore (hahahahaha like I can run anymore at that point)

Anyway the highway route was really long, at some point I was swearing at the distance marker where it says 5km to U-turn. A returning runner saw me and smile he said it is not that far you can do it. What can I do? Keep walking and every now and then I keep looking back and wishing (PRAYING) for the sweeper. The sweeper bus never came. I thought of quitting, I saw a couple of place where I can arrange for the group designated driver to pick me up but my mobile run out of batteries. I am totally useless without my mobile, can’t remember anyone’s number even mine so I just keep on walking …..

Chapter 4 – The finishing line
In the last 5km to the finishing line, I meet up with the 10k run for fun group … this is great, this is good, this is F*$#@g amazing Ithought,  it will not be that embarrassing finishing with them nobody will see me I just blend in. Just my luck the 10k runner finishing line was at a different location. 1km towards the finishing we depart way. I was really tempted just to blend in with them as it is really embarrassing but I saw 1 runner in front of me and I knew there are a few others behind me. What the hell smile and just get to the finishing line there are still people around. I am sure they have not removed or dismantle the finishing line sign ….errr I hope ….

Yups I cross the finishing lime at 7hrs 12 min …. Embarrassing? Yes. But my friends was there cheering me on taking pictures and upating them on facebooks instantly. The crowd was great…. I was happy to finish!!! The amazing part was there this Race Marshall telling me to hurry this way and saying they will be closing the gate in 5 more minute. Closing the gate? 5 more minutes? Yeah I can think straight after completing 42k. Anyway I just did what he asked, just follow the direction he was pointing too. Hey!!! I got to collect the 42 finisher T-Shirt and Medal hahahahahaha …… Along the way I was feeling slightly sad as I passed the 6hrs marked. Read somewhere that the cut off time was 6hrs but I guess they decided to extend the timeline. I am not complaining :-)  Yeay... I got the t-shirt ... I got the t-shirt

Chapter 4 – Returning Home
Collected my t-shirt had a drink of water and walk to the car. I release my feet from my shoe and walk bared foot from the hotel parking lot to my room. I was not the only one doing that …. I can't describe the feeling... My feet was singing as soon as un-tie the shoe lace

Anyway I soaked myself fully cloth in the tub, alternating between cold and hot water. It was heaven. I took a bath and nap for a while. Woke-up with sore everything…. Have a couple of bruises and blisters at the most amazing places on my body.

Anyway had my lunch and continue sleeping. I extended my hours in the hotel, my running buddies left for KL after lunch. I was taking the flight straight to Singapore later in the evening.

On the flight I proudly wore my t-shirt. Again I was not alone. There were a lot of us on the same flight wearing the same t-shirt. The feeling was GREAT (borrowing from Arman – IT WAS AWESOME!!!)

Chapter 5 – Recovery
After completing the (ehem) full marathon I realize I do not really know what to do after completing the race. What are the do’s and don’ts ? As anyone in this day and age will do, I ask Google for the answer. Read a couple of things and decided to write a checklist and post it on my blog. BUT I have not done it yet!!!! But I will before my full marathon next year!

Yes I will be entering the Penang Bridge Marathon in 2013. It will be held at the new bridge. I will conquer that bridge and improve my time ….I aim to finish within 5:30hrs next year …… Next time around I will proudly cross that finishing line :-)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Team Malaysia Rain Run ???

Race Title : Team Malaysia Fan Run
Date: 17 June 2012
Location: Dataran Merdeka
Running Buddy: Yana (although Tina and Along sign-up for the race they decided not to run.... sad!)

At the finishing line
Running in the haze and rain hopefully a once in a lifetime experience. Last week KL was having some haze problem. I think we need to include it as part of our season since we are almost having a "haze season" on a yearly basis nowadays. 

Anyway my race day start at 6.00 am in Pulau Indah, as it was my BIL engagement the day before. I drove myself to Dataran Merdeka and contacted Yana so we can start the race together. Maybe it was cloudy during the start of the race but I can't tell for sure because of the haze.

Anyway the race start on time and I was running / walking as I don't want to push myself since I have a half marathon next week. Everything was going find until i felt rain drops at the 4th km.... yups and it rain heavily in the middle of the run. Since it was at the 4km I can't go back so I  ran. It rain for about 15 minute was drench and cold. 

People in the cars, must think we are crazy to run in the rain but seriously what are we suppose to do? Looking back I think I finish all my races is simply because I don't know how to stop. How do you stop in the middle of the race? Just sit on the road side and wait for help or stop at on of the water station or first aid station. I really need to find.

Pinjam dari Angah - Peace out !!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw

Arif & Tina waiting for our burger at 11.30pm
Hmm the first time I went to this burger stall, I waited for 3-4 hours to get our burger. The queue was murderous, we queue just to get a number to able us to order our burgers. The waiting period from ordering to actually getting our burger was not that bad. 

Anyway after that experience, I decided the burger was nice but I will not be lining up any time soon for the burger. Anyway never say never :-) 

I end up going there 2 twice more, once with friends (girls night out) and the other one with Tina & Arif. This time around we went around 10.00pm and there was no longer a longgggggggg line just to get the number.

The burger ? For 8.50 per normal burger, it is to me just a nice burger.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Energizer Night Trail SG & PJ Dawn

Sorry ..... been very lazy in updating my running activities and sadly I have also been very lazy in my training. The last time I went to the gym was 3 weeks ago and I have 2 run this month which are the Team Malaysia Fun Run @ 7km and Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012 @21k .... sigh.... I am truly worry about the SCKLM. Hopefully I will complete the race within the specified time.

Back to business

Race Title: Energizer Night Trail 
Distance: 6k
Location: Singapore
Race Date:  28 April 2012

OMG! My first trail run and it is was at night. The race was AMAZING and I will be there again next year! The race started at 8.00pm but we left the house around 5pm, we reached the race location at 7.30pm yups it took us that long to reach the race location. 

So I pick up my race kit at the race location but they did not have my running vest. The girl said "Finish already give us your address and we will mail it to you" but until today I have yet to receive my t-shirt. This is my only upset for the race everything else was great.

The race start on time, there was abundance of water stations, they have light sticks along the race course which was comforting... at night and in a forest can be somewhat intimidating ..... my imagination at certain parts of the race did went a little bit wild but it became my motivation to run faster so I can be a part of the larger group :-) 

Part of the race we had to climb a hill there was lots of volunteer to help pull us up and that was the best part of the race.... really make me feel like a trail runner .... kewl  

COOL COURSE !! See you guys next year .....

Race Title: PJ Dawn 2012
Distance: 12k
Location: Subang
Race Date: 13 May 2012

I ran this race with Tina and Yana. The race was Yana first 12k... Yeay Yana and I think it raise her confidence to register for 21k for Penang Bridge Marathon end of this year.

Anyway after this race I really start to think that I need to get a running watch to monitor my distance because at the end of the race I feel that I can still run some more and I don't really feel at all tired. Like I should have push myself harder, running at a faster pace or something.  

Anyway after the race we had Roti Canai in Kampung Baru yummy.......

** I did not run Sundown which was schedule 26 May 2012 sad .....