Monday, June 4, 2012

Energizer Night Trail SG & PJ Dawn

Sorry ..... been very lazy in updating my running activities and sadly I have also been very lazy in my training. The last time I went to the gym was 3 weeks ago and I have 2 run this month which are the Team Malaysia Fun Run @ 7km and Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012 @21k .... sigh.... I am truly worry about the SCKLM. Hopefully I will complete the race within the specified time.

Back to business

Race Title: Energizer Night Trail 
Distance: 6k
Location: Singapore
Race Date:  28 April 2012

OMG! My first trail run and it is was at night. The race was AMAZING and I will be there again next year! The race started at 8.00pm but we left the house around 5pm, we reached the race location at 7.30pm yups it took us that long to reach the race location. 

So I pick up my race kit at the race location but they did not have my running vest. The girl said "Finish already give us your address and we will mail it to you" but until today I have yet to receive my t-shirt. This is my only upset for the race everything else was great.

The race start on time, there was abundance of water stations, they have light sticks along the race course which was comforting... at night and in a forest can be somewhat intimidating ..... my imagination at certain parts of the race did went a little bit wild but it became my motivation to run faster so I can be a part of the larger group :-) 

Part of the race we had to climb a hill there was lots of volunteer to help pull us up and that was the best part of the race.... really make me feel like a trail runner .... kewl  

COOL COURSE !! See you guys next year .....

Race Title: PJ Dawn 2012
Distance: 12k
Location: Subang
Race Date: 13 May 2012

I ran this race with Tina and Yana. The race was Yana first 12k... Yeay Yana and I think it raise her confidence to register for 21k for Penang Bridge Marathon end of this year.

Anyway after this race I really start to think that I need to get a running watch to monitor my distance because at the end of the race I feel that I can still run some more and I don't really feel at all tired. Like I should have push myself harder, running at a faster pace or something.  

Anyway after the race we had Roti Canai in Kampung Baru yummy.......

** I did not run Sundown which was schedule 26 May 2012 sad .....


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