Sunday, June 17, 2012

Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw

Arif & Tina waiting for our burger at 11.30pm
Hmm the first time I went to this burger stall, I waited for 3-4 hours to get our burger. The queue was murderous, we queue just to get a number to able us to order our burgers. The waiting period from ordering to actually getting our burger was not that bad. 

Anyway after that experience, I decided the burger was nice but I will not be lining up any time soon for the burger. Anyway never say never :-) 

I end up going there 2 twice more, once with friends (girls night out) and the other one with Tina & Arif. This time around we went around 10.00pm and there was no longer a longgggggggg line just to get the number.

The burger ? For 8.50 per normal burger, it is to me just a nice burger.

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