Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 - Things I Want to Get Done

Well let start this by reviewing 2012. My running resolution last year was simple:

1) To finish a marathon - Completed 

2) To do 3 half marathon - I manage only 2 

I ran 12 races less races this year mostly because I was juggling a weird schedule between Malaysia and Singapore. I enter a race in Singapore but was in Malaysia and vice versa. 

Anyway, for 2013 I will be stationed fully in Singapore so I hope to be able to  do more races. The only thing that concerns me is that I am currently have not been running for 2 months. Lots of excuses, I guess I just need to start! 

For 2013, what do I want to do ? I have been thinking really hard and sometimes wonder if I can get it all done in 2013. 

Well this is it:

1) To finish a marathon in 6hrs - it will be the Penang Bridge International Marathon again but this time it will be at a new bridge. Thought it will be nice to be among the 1st to do a marathon at the new bridge. 

2) To finish my 10k in 1hr - my best time is 1:10, I know I can do this if only I push myself more because I notice that  I am just to lazy and don't actually push myself to run faster. So this year I am focus on my time! I will get better :-) 

3) To climb Mt Kinabalu - just feel as a Malaysian it is ashamed if I don't do this. It is there so why not?

4) To tour Italy - planning with Nurman to go to Italy earlier and visit Rome and meet-up with Angah and Family in Milan later in the week. 

This is it..... I need to plan for this ... SO 2013 HERE I COME !