Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 Singapore

Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 Singapore
Race Date: 2 December 2012
Distance: 10k
Running Buddies: None – L have yet to find any running buddies in Singapore 

My race day start at 5.00am in the morning, I have been reading a lot about the huge crowd that showed up for marathon in 2011 so I decided to take the MRT instead of a taxi. I have more confidence in taking the MRT as I have been in Singapore for a few months now and I am familiar with the race event location as my last race in Singapore was held at the same place.

Around 5.30am I took the bus from my place to Pasir Ris MRT Station. In the bus I was so glad there are a few runners as well, so happy that I was not alone. Along the way in the MRT there are more runners and there are also other people young and old. At 6.00ish am I spent my time in the MRT wondering where they want to go so early in the morning. If I was not running I will be sound asleep in my bed.

Really look like I am running :-)
Anyway I reached my destination, I was no longer afraid of being alone at the event, as the crowd was huge. The 10k runner will be set out in waves 10 minute apart if I am not mistaken. I want to be in 1st wave because I do not want to run in the hot sun if I started late and the earlier you start the earlier you finish and can have that well deserve Nasi Lemak Rendang Daging for breakfast …… hmmm yummmmyyyy…. J

Anyway the run start at the exact time and I finish at 1:16hrs. Not my best time I really need to learn to push myself more. I know I can, because in the gym my speed would be set at 9 and I can run at that speed for an hour but I guess I am just lazy; lazy to - try lazy to push myself …. lazy … lazy … lazy

I want to say, this run is 1 of the most well organized race from the start to finish (hey the name of my blog). The volunteers were great! The organizers really thought of everything at the event; sufficient signage’s, sufficient water stations, sufficient cheering crowd and along the way I even got a Santa headband (currently proudly being display at my cubicle in the office)  

My only complaint is the long queue for collecting the race kit. It was really a looonnngggggggggggg queue and I am not exaggerating. The participants were 53000 and I know the organizers thought of it and set up a lot of booth for the collection but the queue was still a nightmare. I would like to suggest that they set the collection in waves as well, for example from this date to this date the collection are only for full and halfs marathon, tomorrow for 10ks OR set up the multiple locations for the collection let the runners decide on the location they prefer to collect their race kit OR next time I just a pay extra to get the race kit deliver to my house …. Problem solve J ….

Really KUDOS to the organizers !!!!

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