Monday, February 27, 2012

U RUN + Vertical Climb

This is my first race in Singapore and NO I did not do the vertical climb. 

The race details:

Date:25 February 2012
Time: 8am
Location: Marina @ The Float Singapore

The race was not a fun one. I don't know why but it left me with a taste of disappointment at the end of the day.

The vertical climb category starts in waves, 10 minute apart I think. Starting in waves is so not right to me and in the middle of it they told us that further delay is required as there is a bicycle race going on near our place and is starting so we were ask to wait and let them go first. As a result my category that should have started at 8am end up starting later as well. 

Me and Nurman. Thanks dear
I also have issue starting at 8am. HOT!!! Singapore is hot and it is not helping when you start at 8, maybe next time they should start the race at 7am. 

There is 1 good thing about the race, every 2km there is a water station with no water shortage which sometimes happens in KL... water station with no water duhhh .....

Everything about the race is sooooo structure like there is no spontaneity so somehow the fun is like limited. I can't explain it there is no relax-ness in the race. I feel like a cattle in a cattle ranch being guided by fence and people. 

Oh well maybe the bigger races are better ..... 

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