Monday, March 5, 2012

Running Error - Kidney World Day Run & Brooks Half Marathon

Everything went wrong in my running world this month !

First, I left my bib for the Kidney World Run last Sunday. The race Marshall was kind enought to let me participate in the race but they say I can't claim the goody bag, certificate or the medal. I was ok with not being able to claim the goody bag but really wanted the medal ... it has a nice design .... sigh ..  What to do atleast they let me run the race.

Second, sadly I will not be able the participate for the Brooks Half Marathon which I am really looking forward too. I wanted to print out the race slip today to collect the race kit and SURPRISE !!! The only email I have concerning the race  said 'Error in Payment'... I was so shock! I never really check the status notification email they send me because it usually says the same thing, 'congratulation your registration is complete yada ... yada ... yada ... please bring along this notification sheet . yada ... yada and yawn'.... but not this time huhuhuhu this time there was an error in my registration process ... the payment did not went through ..

So I call them today just to reconfirm and hope that they are wrong but sadly NO ... My name is not registered for the run....... arghhhhhhh.......

Hopefully this unluckyness in my running world will end soon .....

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