Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I actualy manage to get the early bird registration fee for this run. Extremely excited to run the race because
1) it was held at Sepang Circuit - excited gilers* (translation *crazy so the correct phrase shoulod be crazy excited) as I never been there and thought it was cool to be able to run on the race track.
2) it was done at night time - my first night run !!!!

However the experience on the day was so dissapointing and 90% of the blame well atleast to my point of view falls on the organisers be it Expose Event Management, Energizer or Sepang Circuit Management.

Well this is my account of  the event and what went wrong.

Arrival @ 6.20 pm
I left home at 5.30 pm, car pool with Kak Sue, Yana and Adzman (friends I recruitd to join me in the fun). Anyway the run starts at 8.00 pm but was told we need to register at 6.30 pm so that is why we started the journey at 5.30 pm.

Upon arrival, we pay our parking fee RM10, parked our car and walk to the Sepang Circuit entrance. We took pictures, look at people and wonder where do we have to go to register for our run. Alas we spotted 1 (ONE) banner stating Energizer Night Race this way and that is after we spotted a the crowd.
Imagine 10k participants using only 1 entry point a small staircase and tunnel leading up to the pit stop, it could have been bad but everyone was calm and excited for the run.

At the end of the tunnel was a different story. The organisers decided set up a table and distribute the headlamps, the problem with this arrangement was:
1) the place was small and to accomodate the crowd,
2) nobody was mending the booth so everyone was pushing to get the headlamps
With all the pushing and shoving I manage to get a headlamp but I heard some  runners did not manage to get them and have to run in the dark, which is pretty bad if you are running a half or a full marathon cause their route takes them outsite the circuit

Getting Ready & Warming up @ 7.15pm
After the headlamp excitement, we went the "Bag & Luggage". There was 2 long lines at the place and when nearing to the 8.00pm people starting to panic because the 10k and 5k run is starting soon. Suddenly there was people providing us with stickers telling to stick 1 sticker to your bag and the other identical sticker to your bib. Again everyone went crazy to get these stickers. Again I push and shove to get the stickers and somehow manage to get myself to the front counter of "Bag and Luggage" to my amazement NOBODY was there... 

How lah like this ....so where and with whom should I leave my bag with ???? Then I saw a few runners just went in behind the counter and put their bag along with the others that is already there and that is what I did. I went in and just put my bag in, to me is the safest location at the place.

Afterwards we relax, do a little warm-up on our own and had to follow the crowd to the starting line cause there was no signage and nobody was instructing anybody to go anywhere or do anything.

Running Time @ 8.15pm
We find our way at the starting time, a different location AGAIN.... Music was loud, the MC was trying to be louder (sigh.....) and at 8.15 pm we are off.

The only good thing to on that day was the track. I was walking around the F1 circuit, it felt so cool or as my nephew would say "AWESOME". Didn't run was tired so I just walk next to Kak Sue. My left leg hurt a little bit, I guess because of to much walking that week.

Anyway the water station was at the 4km point and was the only water station in the circuit. The funny part was they were distributing the 1.5l mineral water and can drinks. Can you imagine running with a mineral water or the can drinks ? it was RIDICULOUS .... so along the way you see lots of unfinished mineral water bottles and cans along the circuit......sigh......

At the finish line, again there was confusion. There was lots of people there some taking picture, some just walking aimlessly and some were like me confuse on which line should I be and where should I go next. There was no race marshall anywhere even on the circuit. People was taking short cuts here and there ... weird what made you decide to cheat ? who are you cheating anyway ?

Complete the Race @ 9.30pm
So I finish my run with nit my best time and went looking for my friends. Kak Sue and I went to the "bag" counter to collect my bag. This time there was 2 person taking care of the counter, got my bag and went back to the race track.

There was a LOOOONNNNGGGGGGGG queue. People was waiting in line to collect their goody bag. There was only 1 queue. Why ? Well because the organiser just st up 1 counter to distribute to goody bags to all 10k participants. Crazy idea but the organiser thought that was ok.

Anyway, like everything else about the race, it went wrong. After 1hr in the line the organisers say they will mal thegoody bags to all participants. Hahahahah I believe you. Anyway I didn't bother to line up because the line was so long. I just sit at the side waoting for my friend so that we can go home. Tired already ......

Tunnel of death
After the announcement, everybody was told to leave so we went back via the tunnel again.This time it was not as sweet smelling as before.It was hot, thank god nobody was pushing or shoving.

We got into our car and went to Sri Petaling mamak stall to have dinner. Forgot to mention there was NO FOOD at the event. All the races I went so far in Malaysia always have food in abundance but there was none that day. I think that what made me snap and went online to comment on the race.

The amazing thing was I was not alone. The facebook page was already full of comments so I was not the only one who think the race organiser was crappy.

The End
After 2 days of venting out our displeasure on  Facebook the organiser promise to send out the goody bag and refund everyone who participated. The details will be announce on Thursday and Friday.

I am really happy about the refund because the race was so a joke, it was not properly plan and the organiser just wanted to make money out of the event.

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